EAA Chapter 14 -- Brown Field (KSDM) - 1409 Continental St. - San Diego, CA 92154-5707
Chapter Checkpoints -- December 2, 2017

Some pretty brief notes for this week: Rich Czarniecki continuing the installation of the screens over the skylight panels in Hangar 1 to improve legibility of projected images on the movie screen during our meeting presentations. It involved some high altitude work and much moving of furniture, etc. If we ever clean the dirt off these panels (not very likely), it will be even more necessary. Other than that, I don't believe there was much Chapter-related work occurring for this report – that is, until Saturday; I had been vaguely aware of some activity over on our T-hangar row on old Charlie, however it wasn't until I had a note from Donna Ryan that filled me in on what was going on. It seems that the airport folks had requested that we move Bill Browne's hangar #20 from it's present position to allow access for vehicles involved in some forthcoming construction work. Ever agreeable to requests from the city, the Board gave the OK to move his hangar to line up with the existing T-hangars, thus clearing the way through our leased area, so on Saturday, a team was assembled consisting of Bill, Jim McKinnon, Bob Osborne and Ryan to move the hangar to its new location. I don't know exactly how this was done, however it made the short distance without damage, and now the only remaining work is to secure it to the black-top.


Ryan found time to prepare lunch on Saturday, substituting for Richard Kalling; this was a do-it- yourself arrangement which worked just fine: hot dogs, beans, salad and cheese cake kept some thirty members satisfied.


We had a few interesting airplanes arriving for lunch: a pretty J-3 cub, a Cessna 195 (or was it a 190?) and a nice blue RV-8, also occasional visitor Kim Dodds in his speedy retractable Glasair. I fiddled with my radio problems which had prevented me from flying to Gillespie to use their wash-rack earlier in the week. Solved, but not in time to have a clean airplane.


That 's about all for this week; the late report is the result of some domestic maintenance which I had to deal with over the weekend.