EAA Chapter 14 -- Brown Field (KSDM) - 1409 Continental St. - San Diego, CA 92154-5707
Chapter Checkpoints -- September 23, 2017

Some leftover news from a couple of weeks ago: the buyer (sight unseen) for the KR-2 which had been in Jimmy Kennedy's hangar for some time, showed up with a trailer, loaded up and departed quite satisfied with the deal. This was an airframe assembly only - Jimmy is holding on to the Revmaster engine for his own project. It's surprising to me how many half-completed projects we have sold; I wonder how many are eventually finished?


We've always had a problem with the ambient light in Hangar 1 washing out the projected images on the movie screen, when required as part of a speaker's presentation. Most of this light (when the hangar door is closed) comes from the translucent panels in the hangar roof. Rich Czarniecki came up with a plan to install some sliding shutters, which could be pulled over the panels as needed to block out the light . He's already got started with the channels for the shutters.


On Tuesday, I flew to Gillespie to have my long-overdue transponder certification checked, and after its successful completion (and some exchange of funds), I departed with the warm glow of once again being FAA legal (or closer to it).


Recently returned Chris Puntis has once again resumed the polishing of one of our unserviceable metal propellers, making it ready for attachment of a clock and perhaps eventual sale as a wall ornament, and also contributing to our Chapter funds.


We haven't seen much of Mark Albert recently – he has been busy helping with the restoration (re-building, really) of a Stearman at Gillespie; it has reached the stage of attaching and rigging the wings – a most complicated and time consuming activity, I'm sure.


The ever-energetic Rich Czarniecki was to be found this week making the parts for a stand for a metal brake, which will be used as part of his build-a-box Young Eagles demonstration.


This Saturday was Chapter breakfast fly-out day, destination this time Big Bear Airport – elevation 6750 ft, where, because it was a cool and fairly calm day, no one had any problem with take-off and climb performance. As might have been expected, not too many passengers were carried – only five or so among the seven airplanes taking part. Leaving from SDM were Rich in his Grumman, Jonathan in his Luscombe, Max Jorgensen in his RV-7 and me in my RV-3 Later we were joined by Gary List in his high-powered Colt, and a member of Chapter 96 who had been invited – didn't get his name, however he flew in in a Subaru powered Cozy.


The flight up was uneventful, if cold; coming back we had some broken cloud cover, but no problem finding a hole. .


Breakfast was at Thelma's, where everything aviation-related was, of course, discussed at length.


With a late return, Chapter 14 was pretty much closed up after lunch there – courtesy of Ryan serving the small number of members present. One visitor who showed up was past-president Stu Cochran; many years ago he moved to somewhere in Texas, where he purchased a beautiful home with attached grass strip – lucky guy. Bob Osborne tells me that he still has his Bonanza, and still flies. I'm really sorry I missed talking to him.