Well, this month in San Diego will certainly be a September to remember, for example:

100 degree days ( we've had lots of those).

Record-breaking rainstorms (some of these)

Bath-water ocean temperatures (most of the month)

Warmest average September temperature (almost certainly)

And October looks like a continuation of the same. What's going on? Will winter ever come? Everyone draws their individual conclusions.

In spite of everything, life at Chapter 14 goes on. This week, in preparation for moving his recently acquired RV-3 into Hangar 3 for a careful inspection, Mark Albert, with advice from a few spectators, used the hoist set up by Chuck Stiles to lift the Starduster (built by the late La Verne Edwards, and for sale by the Edwards family) into the overhead, freeing up lots of floor space. It's amazing how many airplanes have been squeezed into this hangar, originally planned for six.

The Aztec which sank into our muddy soil last week was pulled out and parked on Old Charlie, presumably awaiting prognosis on its prop strike.

Saturday was once again breakfast fly-out day, this time with a specific objective in mind: the annual “Alternative Engine” meeting and forum at French Valley. This resulted in a record turn-out of airplanes and visitors from Chapter 14 and others from San Diego: two Cessna 170's, a 172, a 140, KR-2, Glasair, Cherokee, Pietenpol, Aircoupe, Luscombe, Grumman Traveler, and, of course, an RV-3.- twelve airplanes in all, a good variety. This plus sixteen pilots and passengers, and some drive-ins.

The meeting was pretty much a repeat of last year, with Revmaster and Pegasus engines on display, and a number of Corvair-powered airplanes attending. Subaru engines also seemed to be a popular powerplant. Not so many Rotax's as one might have expected. The forums were presented in the spacious entry area to the French Valley terminal building, which, with their restaurant, puts Brown Field's facilities to shame. And it was hot!

Returning to SDM, we were once again too late to take part in the lunch cooked up by Janeth Grootendorst, completing her tour of duty as cook for the month; This time it was something from her native Peru, aji de gallina, or chicken chili to our non-Spanish speakers. Sounds great, I hope to sample the left-overs in the week. Only seventeen members were lucky enough to enjoy this - a pitiful number even when taking the fly-out members into account. Maybe we need to review the weekly lunch arrangements.

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Airshow San Diego -- 2015

Recurring Events

The EAA 14 Regular Schedule of events includes:

  • Every Saturday (11:30-12:30) Lunch at Brown Field Hangar
  • First Saturday (10:00-noon) Fly Market
  • Second Saturday (9:00-noon) Young Eagles
  • Third Saturday -
    • Pancake Breakfast (7:30-9:30)
    • Chapter Meeting and Presentation (10:00-11:00)
    • Board of Directors meeting (12:00 pm)
      In the trailer behind Hanger 1 at EAA Chapter 14
  • Fourth Saturday (10:00-noon) Fly Out Saturday


We look forward to seeing you at these events.

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