This week, which began with temperatures around 100F, finally cooled down to a more bearable 80F or so by Saturday, but not before some wild wind and rain storms hit around the city, with particular effects at Montgomery Field where more than a dozen airplanes were damaged or destroyed. At SDM, we had few wind gusts , but not enough to cause concern. This kind of thing just isn't supposed to happen in our (generally) benign San Diego climate!

Early in the week, in spite of the searing temperatures, Chuck Stiles managed to single-handedly reposition not one, but three hangars in order to allow space for a larger one to be built. How he did all this under the conditions I can't imagine. Then he assisted Ryan in loading up is van for a trip to Oakland, where he (Ryan) continues to search for his dream airplane, a twin-boom Sparrowhawk. As of Saturday, we haven't heard the results of his odyssey.

Saturday, the third in the month, was the regular general membership meeting, preceded as always by the team of Kevin Roche, Scott Cadwell and Gene Lenard presiding over the pancake/eggs/sausage/waffle/juice breakfast fare – never fails to entice me, although I've already had breakfast at home. Hard to resist.

In the absence of President Larry Rothrock, his number two, Joe Russo, was in charge of the meeting. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Safety Director Pete Grootendorst reported on an FAA meeting he had attended, where the emphasis was on pilot deviations, frequently resulting in the dread message from the tower: “Call this number after you land........” It seems that many of the infractions are by professional pilots, who certainly should know better. Pete recommended suitable humility when contacting the FSDO, with profuse apologies as appropriate. Also, if it goes further, it's useful if you have completed some of the Wings program, to show your dedication to safety matters. It all helps. Stay clear of the Class B airspace!

Membership Chairman Gene Gene Lenard reported 190 paid-up members. He also emphasized the importance of disaster preparedness, after this week's weather events. Food ant water for three or four days are essential, as are flashlights and battery-powered radios. In our earthquake-prone area, this is good advice.

One new member signed up at the meeting: Pete Laszcz. How's that for a surname? Makes Czarniecki look easy. He is returning to aviation after a few year's separation.

Mark Albert, Young Eagles Coordinator, provide totals for the year to date for YE's – 225, and older Eagles, 38. He thanked pilots and helpers for last week's YE event.

In addition to our regular fly-in airplanes, we had a Husky owned by Gil Rud, former Blue Angels leader, who has traded in his Cirrus for this back-country style steed. He said he's no longer interested in high speed, IFR-type flying, and is looking forward to this more grass-roots style of flying, particularly as fits in better with his ranch in Oregon.

Joe Russo announced the Octoberfest to be held at our SDM facility on next month's third Saturday, the 18th. $5.00 a head – can't beat that.

This month's Chapter fly-out will be to French Valley on the 27th, where there is an “alternative engine” symposium.

See you there.


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Alert ....... !

The FAA is proposing 'Hanger Usage' rules you should know about. Grab the following docs to come up to speed on the the FAA proposal and what the local community is planning.
The San Diego Airport Advisory Committee (AAC) will be discussing the proposal during it's September 2nd meeting. The meeting is open to the public.

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