EAA Chapter 14 -- Brown Field (KSDM) - 1409 Continental St. - San Diego, CA 92154-5707
Call for Volunteers

The Chapter has accumulated a lot STUFF over the years, most of which has been donated by one source or another. Our new Hanger Czar is attempting to clean out some of the accumulation from Hanger #3. He is asking for volunteers to help with this task on the following dates:

  • Sat. May 7th
  • Sat June 4th

Just show up in working clothes (and maybe gloves) if you can and who knows, you might unearth some useful treasures.

Membership Renewals

Now's the time to think about renewing your chapter membership. Membership renewals are only $25.00 for adults and $5.00 Young Eagles.

Pay by: